Frame & Bar helps producers, labels and agencies reach their target audience with beautiful and engaging motion design.


We have a wide range of services with a specific focus - Electronic Music.


From strategy to post production, whether your working with existing branding or starting from scratch, we have the tools and the know how to get your next project seen.


We love electronic music, we create it and we understand it. Take a short tour, get a feel for our process and see why you need us for your next endeavour.


It all starts with a good plan. To find out your requirements, we perform a discovery session with every client who walks through our door.


To get from A to B, we need to know who your ideal customers are, then we need to understand their needs and desires.


When we have this framework we create a plan on how to promote your product. Sure, it needs to ‘look pretty’ but our goals move beyond aesthetics. We are committed to moving your product and achieving results for your brand - this is where strategy comes into play.


We can create a roadmap for your project and design brand identity systems, style guides, cohesive promotional campaigns and more - ready to roll out across multiple digital platforms. We also work with established I.D. Systems fitting right in with your existing brand allowing you to get on with what you do best.


Our mission is to provide a strong visual language for your sonic identity.


We know that electronic music has a certain look and feel that requires a unique aesthetic. Frame & Bar respects this and are here to serve the community. We provide artists and agencies with a visual style that is modern, relevant and on point for a cutting edge audience.


We offer comprehensive design solutions for a wide array of digital mediums. From posters to logos and identity design to banners and email marketing - we have the experience to create dazzling work that converts.


It’s important for our clients to be involved with the style and visual direction of their project. Our process enables this through mood boarding, stylescaping and key framing - giving you the best picture of how your project will look early on in development.


Motion design and animation is our specialty. We work with producers to animate static designs like posters and album art in new and engaging ways.


Our motion graphics are custom made and tailored to suit your project. We work in 2D and 3D  utilising the latest tools and animation techniques. Creating new worlds for your brand to thrive.


We understand that today’s market is a highly competitive place, so to stand out you need to make an impact. The level of polish and refinement we apply to your logo animations will ensure your brand cuts through!


With so many digital platforms to display your content on, all with unique requirements, it can be hard to know what format to use and when to use it. We end the headache providing you with a suite of tailor made deliverables ready to upload to all your socials and streaming platforms.


Be ahead of the game and crush your next project. Find out how we can really get your brand moving.


Science fiction and film have had a significant impact on our work. There is always a desire to know “how did they do that?!” This is the driving force of Frame & Bar.


Our appetite for visual effects and post production - combined with an understanding of dance music culture - provides a perfect melting pot for your ideas to come to the boil.


We offer practical effects like set extensions, photo realistic digital additions and the retouching and removal of unwanted elements.


We also provide infographics and cinematic visual effects like smoke, fire, water, particle fluid simulations, physical destruction and overlaid animation,  just to name a few.


It all comes together in the edit room. This is where we love to hang out, finessing the final look and feel of a composition.


From this point, we start to bring a cohesive look and feel to your project. We then focus on colour, balance, sound design, narrative and transition.


What if you have already

shot footage?


No worries. We are able to edit pretty much anything from;

  • youtube tutorials

  • event videos 

  • festival/club night after-movies

  • music videos 

  • tour blogs

  • web series

  • promos and featurettes 

  • EPK materials


You name it - We nail it.


Go on challenge us!


The secret ingredient in making any motion project come to life is the soundscape.

Sound quality is paramount. 

We take care to insure your music is unsullied.

We set our animations to your music and provide full mix down facilities if required.


Sound design is an integral process to any video project. We work with your audio to create dazzling promotional materials. We aim to enhance and compliment your music (not dominate it).

With over 10 years in the electronic music industry we have a comprehensive knowledge of how producers and industry work. We are audio nerds with an impressive suite of tools - ready to go.



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